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I have lived behind a mask for 3 years.  My best friend would always say "you should blog about what you're going through.  So many people can identify." but I blew her off.  No one could possibly identify with what I was going through.  Not only that but do you know how embarrassing it is to be homeless and separated and broke?  It's still something I'm not sure I want to admit to the general public.  Do you know that there are people who come here on a regular basis and keep up with my life in hopes that everything I touch will fail?  Do you know how much joy they would receive in life to know that this is the first "HOME" I've had since May 2009?  I can think of 5 people who have reached orgasmic giddy just reading this so far.  I didn't want to give them that satisfaction.

So what changed my mind?  I'll tell you about it soon but first a little back story.

brown suitcase

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In March of 2008 I relocated from Oregon to Chicago to be closer to my husband.  I quit a pretty good job with a very good salary and left behind the cutest townhouse for a great cause.  I was seeing my husband 2 weekends a month and I wanted more.  So I got a job in the suburbs of Chicago and packed all I could in a U-Haul trailer too heavy for my truck and he drove me and my stuff home.  In November 2008 the company I was working for gave me the pitch:

This year was pretty good for us but with the economy on the decline we have decided to go in a new direction next year.  As a result of that we're decreasing our workforce and will no longer be needing you.  It's been such a pleasure to work with you.  You are very intelligent and talented and I will miss you greatly.

That came from the same CFO who called me personally in Oregon to pitch the position to me in the first place.  The entire time he was talking to me that Monday morning (November 10, 2008 - I'll never forget that date) I was thinking "DAMN! I just bought a 30 day Metra pass."  Then I began thinking that if he wrapped it on up I could catch the 8:30am commuter train back to the city.  But he was very caught up in his regret and unfortunately I had to wait for the 9:30am train.  I received a generous severance package and I didn't know it at the time but the spiral I started on was fast, furious, and deadly.  Six months later I believed in my heart that we could no longer afford our home and had to leave....my bank account was well in the negative and things like the phone had been disconnected for non-payment.  My husband came up with a plan for us to travel the country.  We packed everything we owned in a POD and sent it off.  Only things we needed to go across the country in the car were left behind.  The day we left the keys in the rent box and walked away, he held my hand and said "we'll be back..."

I never thought about any of that being permanent or long term.  I JUST KNEW that in 2 weeks I'd get a job offer and we'd be back in Chicago moving into a new place and unpacking all of our things again.  It's been 2.5 years since I've seen any of my stuff.  I have 2 weeks worth of clothes and finally another home.  I'm going to share some of my stories about How 2 Weeks Turned Into 2 Years on my site.


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