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Client attraction: it’s something we’re all concerned about as business owners.  So how do you grab not only more clients, but great clients who keep coming back again and again?  Try employing these three big ideas to attract (and keep!) great clients this year!

“Eliminate” the “Competition”

The business world is changing, big time.  With so many “competitors” out there, now’s the time to redefine how we interact with business owners in our particular industry.  The new trend?  Collaboration over competition.

That’s right: stop trying to compete with your competition!

Sounds crazy, right?  Wrong!  Here’s how it works…

Offering the same features with maybe one or two differences just isn’t effective anymore.  Instead, find out the wants or needs of your current and potential clients, then, find out what they’re NOT getting from your industry colleagues.

That’s how you develop your niche.  And if you don’t have one, you need one.

It’s simple: develop your niche and your former competitors become colleagues – business owners you can partner up with for certain types of projects.  It’s easy to build a business relationship when you cut out the envy.  It’s win-win.

Filling the Funnel

The sales funnel is a graphical representation of what your sales process should look like.  Imagine a funnel, narrow end down, broken up into distinct layers.  At the top, you have all of your leads – this could be people you only met or emailed once, or even simply people who have signed up for your mailing list.  Leads become opportunities, and those fall into the middle, narrower section of your funnel.  The closer your prospects travel towards the bottom of your funnel, the more likely you’re looking at a soon-to-be new clients.

When you use the sales funnel system, you can easily assess how many potential clients you’ll convert to actual clients, allowing you to establish trends and then judge your monthly schedule and sales potential as you go.  When your funnel is full, you’ll find you’re less stressed because you have a plan in action and you know the ratio of conversion.

Hit Your Target

Stop selling to everyone.  Seriously.  “Everyone” is not your target market.

Ok, I’ll admit it: even I have a hard time with this concept.  I can (and have) designed in nearly every industry, plus, I’ve designed at least one of every thing, from products to services.  I like designing for different people in different industries, and I like learning about new industries too.

I started as a run of the mill, ordinary graphic designer.  Over the years I’ve gradually narrowed my field of expertise and my target audience.  Sure, I got work as a generalist, but I ran into trouble: I found my clients didn’t understand my value – and that was my fault!  I didn’t understand or know my value either!  So I narrowed my focus to a particular branch of design and branding, so I’m getting closer and closer to the ideal clients I’m looking for – but I’m still not there yet.  So this year, I’m narrowing my focus once again, because although I’m doing well, I’m still working on defining my exact ideal clients and branding projects.  So, I know it’s hard, but stop trying to sell to everyone!

Generalists don’t stand out in a crowd.  Experts do.

So get out there and attract more clients – and more of the clients you WANT – this year by putting these three big ideas in practice!  Collaborate, don’t compete; keep that sales funnel full, and narrow your target market.  Make 2012 your best year yet!


Nora D. Richardson
Brand Identity Designer • Speaker • Consultant


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