3 Books on How to Help GenY Become Adults

The stories are all over the newspapers. The younger generation known as GenY, Millennials or Digital Natives do not want to grow up and become adults. I have found three excellent books that explore the reasons why, and what we as parents can do to ensure that this next generation grows up to lead happy and healthy adult lives.

1. Generation iY: Out Last Chance to Save Their Future (Dr. Tim Elmore and Dan T. Cathy) - Athough GenY is basically considered those born between 1984 and 2002, this book focuses on what the authors call GeniY, those born after 1990, or those who have literally grown up online. They have never known a time where they have not been completely connected. Some of the reasons GeniY is having problems are:

  •  Too Connected - Resulting in not enough time alone to discover who they are, harming their face-to-face people skills and harming their listening skills?
  •  Overprotected - "Safety has often been allowed to trump growth" leading to this generation having trouble developing strong independent coping skills.
  •  Overserved - GeniY has an overinflated idea of their own importance and now feel entitled to special treatment even as they enter the adult world. No other generation of parents has spoiled their kids the was this generation has. Will this GeniY become impatient, demanding, self-centered adults?

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Jennifer Wagner



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