3 Common Online Dating Mistakes For Men Over 50

Curious about the 3 common online dating mistakes for men over 50?  

1. Trolling for women in their 20’s and 30’s

2. Assuming a 28 yr. old woman would prefer themover a 20, 30, or  even 40-something

3. Refusing to consider dating women their own age or older     

Well the 1st one SHOULD be they need a big CLUE.  Possibly a bit harsh, it's not on the list.  

What is the DEAL with this phenomenon?  The consensus of my single female friends in their 50’s and 60’s who've attempted an online service overwhelmingly give up, and all for the same reason.  Frustrated by the plethora of men their own age who are interested in dating women 10 – 20 years their junior.

Dating coach Evan Marc Katz should be applauded for responding so eloquently to the 50-something gentleman asking How Come Everyone I Want To Meet Online Isn't Interested In Me?  Katz gently responds: "She can go out with a cute, successful man who is 35, or 40, or 45."   "Are you getting the idea?"   Hellooooo....clueless male Boomer....get a GRIP!

Adding fuel to the fire would be what I'd call ANTIQUATED statements like this from Dating Coach Lisa Copeland, whose bio states she  "empowers strong women over 50 to attract quality men."  

Do you feel the following statement made by Copeland would empower an older woman?  "Men don't feel needed by women our age anymore." "And when a man doesn't feel needed, guess who he turns to?"  "That's right...a younger women who can make an Alpha Man feel his strongest and best because he's needed."  

I'm serious.... that sounds like something my 93 yr. old mom might say, right after she says "It's just as easy to fall in love with a man who has money, than it is to fall in love with one who doesn't" (She winks when she says it but in all honesty, she's actually said that to every female in our family)  

 When an older man's ego is so out of the ballpark he feels too intimidated to date a strong, vibrant older female...I say let him waste his time searching for a 30-something.  That doesn't solve the problem for the single Boomer women and this pervasive online dating dilemma.  Are the dating sites that are geared to seniors the answer?  I'm interested in your feedback.  Please tell me what you think by scrolling way down this page to the "Comments" section.  

In the meantime, here are some dating sites that specialize in Boomers and Seniors





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