3 Essential Online Tools for Finding Your Next Job!

Nationwide unemployment is hovering around 9.8%, a few ticks up from the previous quarter and showing no signs of a quick recovery.   I'm not going to say I have a magic bullet that will guarantee you a job, but a few nice tools might help you find opportunities faster, showcase your skills in a new way, and even help to manage your job search.   So, if you're in the hunt for your next opportunity and want an edge,  check out these free tools. Everyone is probably familiar with CareerBuilder, HotJobs, and Monster but there are some simple yet powerful new job search tools you may not have heard about.

Crow on the beach

SimplyHired.com is by far my favorite job search tool. Initially, SimplyHired accepts just keywords and a location (think Google's home page).  However, once you hit the results page, you can filter by job title, company, date posted, job type, education, and more. If you search frequently, the date posted is a very handy filter.  Creating a free account allows you to save your searches, customize your search results, and manage location settings.  My favorite SimplyHired feature is the job alert.  Simply click on the job alert button (on the search results page) under the search box to start receiving e-mail alerts for new jobs fitting your search criteria.

Salary.com's job search tool is a great way to filter job search results by salary.  So, if you want to zero in on jobs with salaries within your range, simply click the radio button next to the salary.  Salary.com also has some free salary data by occupation and location, but the data is aggregated from all jobs within the occupation and I've found it to be quite inaccurate.

Visual CV I love visual CV.  If you work in new media, marketing, internet, or other online media, you should have a Visual CV.  Its simply an online resume, but it rocks.  You can embed video, images, logos, links, and audio in an otherwise traditional resume format.  So, without knowing any html, you can create a personal web page that looks just like a 21st century resume.  You can share with employers, download as a PDF  for uploading or e-mailing (and all of your links will work), keep completely private, and create as many versions as you like.  Theme customization is fairly limited, but they are all tasteful and professional.  The only feature I'd like to see is a way to share Employment and Education History with all of your Visual CV resumes.  Currently, if you create a new Visual CV, you will have to recreate this information again from scratch. 

There are tons of other tools out there, but these three stand out for their simplicity, functionality, and utility.  Its a tough job market, so you've got to use the tools that will help you stand out from the crowd!



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