3 Food Bad Words

Food Organic Bad WordsTrying to eat healthy is always such a challenge.  Sometimes it seems like the more we know, the more confusing it gets.  By now, everyone knows the importance of trying to eat at least 5 servings per day of fruits and vegetables in order to stave off chronic illness, cancer and auto-immune diseases.  But do you know the 3 Bad Words to look for on your packaged food labels?  Experts warn that if your food's label includes any of these 3 Bad Words, toss the item immediately because it contains an unhealthy ingredient none of us need.  Be on the look out for the following Bad Words:

  1. Hydrogenated Oils
  2. High Fructose corn syrup
  3. Yellow #5, Blue #2, or any color and number combination

Make it a game by getting the kids involved in looking for these 3 Bad Words on the labels while grocery shopping.  Reading the labels and eliminating these items can make a huge difference in you and your family's health in the long run.  





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