3 Free Smartphone Apps to Make Women the Masters of Their Financial Domain

Bad news for the gender gap. Women are less confident about finances than our male counterparts, according to a Financial Finesse report published this year. In fact we’re less confident about pretty much everything finance-related. Here are a few key findings of the survey:

  • The gender gap is widening. We’re falling even further behind when it comes to financial confidence, particularly in the areas of money management and investing.
  •  We’re still saving less than men when it comes to retirement.
  • While we’re becoming better at planning for long-term goals, we still struggle with basic money management skills and investing.

Several female-focused financial tools and resources, like LearnVest and DailyWorth, are trying to better educate women on finances and wealth, but it’ll take more for us to take charge of our own financial lives. Empower yourself and your finances with a few easy, on-the-go tools:

Mint.com Mobile

The website has become a trusted budgeting source for many consumers, and now you can get it to go. After you sync your accounts, you can see them all at once in a dashboard-like capacity. Mint will show you where you’re spending your money and make suggestions—based on you spending history—on how you can reduce or cut expenses.

Credit Karma Mobile

This new app gives you a free credit score, based on your TransUnion credit report, along with additional credit information. You’ll get a quick snapshot of the factors influencing your score in the Credit Report Card, and you’ll receive alerts on your phone whenever something significant changes in your credit report.

Bloomberg Mobile

Check out what’s going on in the world of business and finance, from your smartphone. Available for just about every device, this app will give you the latest news in whatever format you like: text, audio or video. Plus, you can see how the market is doing at a glance.


These three free tools should get your started on your trek to become a financial guru, at least of your own household.







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