#3- God Saves the Queen

My first encounter on the site was a British guy. I did not really had time to search for a matching friend, because the few minutes that I spent trying to create a profile and to understand how it was working, was apparently sufficient to be in the need of hiring a secretary to follow-up with my messages.
It was very hard to keep up with who, what and how on a dating site. Very few people take the time  to write something original, amusing, or spiritual, so it is easy to forget the guy that write you "Hello There! Want to chat?"
I hate so much this part of myself that needs to be loved by everyone, because I thought that it was a moral duty to answer each message and that I will look like a nicer person. Seriously? Who cares on a dating site if a woman is nice and polite? A part of myself still to be so naive, I just want to slap me!
I have to say that I was a virgin, on a dating site of course, and that my innocence equaled only my stupidity. I wrote on my profile, my real birthdate, my town, used the nick that I use online and that everyone knows as well as my real email address. 
When I got messages from someone living next street, I understood that America was not France, that serial killers exist and that it was so easy for anyone reading my profile to find out who I was and where.
The first message was from Richard, British, single man, my age, with a picture on his profile, living next town and willing to meet. After few messages I accepted to have a drink at a bar. It was the start of my summer vacation, so I went with a pair of jeans and a white shirt. I did retouch my makeup and finished some shopping at Target before my date.
To tell you the truth, my heart was a little beating, and not because I was afraid of the meeting, but because I will talk to a total stranger that known that I was looking for sex.
When I arrived at the bar, Richard was waiting for me. He was better looking than his picture, educated, a world traveller and I surprisingly had a very nice time. Yes I could have sex with him, and he will be my first one after this two years without sex and the six years of regular masturbation.
We were both of us leaving for vacation, so we decided to stay in touch and to fix a date for our next encounter. I was ready to forgive the 100 years war between British and French and suddenly I found Joan D'Arc so overrated!
God saves the Queen! I will be saved by a British......

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