3 Happy Aims for March

(This post first appeared on my blog, suheiry, etc., on 3/6/14.)    

It's the first week of March, and I've got so many things on my to-do list already. But instead of allowing myself to become overwhelmed, I'm going to add some happy things, as well. These 3 aims will improve the quality of my life, inspire me and bring me joy.

 1. Eat healthy and exercise. This is always something I strive for, but an area in which I've been slacking for a while now. Not this month! I'm determined to get back to healthy eating and working out regularly. My body and mind benefit when I do. Not to mention I just feel better. 

2. Take more pictures. I love looking through photos and being pleasantly surprised when I find a picture I'd forgotten I'd taken, that captured a moment perfectly. I really enjoy taking photos, and I want to get better at it. Taking pictures not only preserves my memories, it inspires me to be more creative. I also want to have my own stock of photos for this blog. 

3. Go on more dates with my husband. Although we spend almost all our free time together, we rarely go out. I don't mind staying home, but there is something exciting about planning an outing with the person you love—whether it be dinner or a movie or an art gallery. It gives us something to look forward to. We've already got plans for something really fun on Saturday, and I can't wait! 

What about you? What are your "happy aims" for March?

(Thanks to Louise for the inspiration to write this post!)

NaBloPoMo March 2014


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