3 Lessons My Daughter Taught Me About Love.

Lesson #3 Let Go Of Perfection

My daughter never expects me to perfect. In fact at her young age she still sees me as perfect even with all my flaws. She feels the same about her friends, her grandparents, her teachers and the other important people in her life. I feel the same way about her. She sees through all this to who we are at the core. Young children have the ability to see our inner beauty even if we can’t.

As women and particularly as moms we often place a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect. The perfect mom, the perfect worker, the perfect wife, have the perfect business, home, clothes, hair or car. Whew! All that perfection can be and is exhausting! 

Imagine how it would feel to view others and ourselves through the eyes of our young children. Their capacity to still love us completely even with all our imperfections. To realize there really is no perfect and that’s OK. When we let go of this strive to be perfect it allows us to experience more happiness and fulfillment with where we are right now. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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