3 notes a week for 3 weeks

On Wednesday, I went to an HR Convention (for my other job) and one of the key note speakers, Chester Elton was great and really got me thinking.. one of his takeaways applicable to all aspects of life, was the power of a handwritten note.  In a world of texting, Facebooking messaging, and tweeting, its almost a forgotten method of communication and appreciation.  His advice/challenge was to write 3 handwritten notes a week for 3 weeks.  So, I'm doing it, and frankly hope to continue for longer than 3 weeks, but it's a good start, and a great reminder to slow down.  The fastest way isn't always the best way, and taking a few extra minutes to write a note could make someone's day.  I started today by writing a note to each of my son's teacher in celebration of Teacher Appreciation week, thanking them for their kindness and amazing way with my son.  Yes, I wish I was already doing this more regularly, but sometimes we all need a little reminder/challenge to get back to a good habit.  I used to write my husband notes all the time in his lunch, I use to be way more on top of my thank you notes, yes I'm busy, but I know I can carve a few extra minutes, and I know it will go a long way. 

Do you write notes?  What do you think of 3 notes a week for 3 weeks?  You want to do it with me?  If so, I'd love to hear how it goes!!

Thanks as always for stopping by and reading!  Happy Friday!



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