3 Ways to Keep Your Readers Engaged

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Blogging has become a part of everyone's life today. From companies to entrepreneurs and even housewives, writing and sharing information through blogs has become a medium to grow one's brand and make money as well. Far too often, personal bloggers or companies have a blog that is sporadically updated with a random post or two, but they don't consistently write.

While most people start out with a spree to update their blog with fresh content, they fight to gain attention and they fall back. Their blog neither gets visitors nor do they enjoy as much attention as they deserve.

They spend a lot of time crafting a superb blog post, but all of it goes to waste when the most powerful marketing tool, their blog, does not function as they want it to. Even when they gain readers, engagement is what they can't keep hold of, which in turn, never gets the reader back to their site again.

Here are a few tips to keep readers engaged and make them come back, read and share the post in the future.

dive into storytelling to keep readers

Image: Lauren Mancke via Unsplash

Learn the power of story-telling

There are some blogs which might not have many readers. However, everyone can grab more attention through the power of story-telling.

Ask yourself what is the story in the information you're tying to convey? Tell an anecdote.

Similarly, blog posts with images are said to work much better than blog posts with words only. Try adding a few more images to your posts.

Keep things simple

Good bloggers are the ones who've mastered the craft of writing a great blog post. They are able to understand what their readers want to learn. Sometimes, they act like a reader themselves and judge their blog to determine if it's good to go.

Avoid jargon to make things simple. If there are industry terms, explain them. Not only this will expand your readership and social shares, it will also boost your search engine rankings, giving you more visibility.

Provide a summary

A lot of online readers don't read the whole post. In order to get them hooked, provide a brief conclusion to what your blog post was about and what details you presented.

Also, ask questions at the end as a reminder or a scene hanger. Learn to ask 'What now?' or 'What if' and seek their opinion.

The bottom line: You never should forget to write in-depth content to keep your readers engaged. Keep things simple, ask questions and try to answer them. It might take some time, however, in the long-run, people will absolutely love to hear from you.