3 Reasons Why the BlogHer '13 Fashion Show Rocked My Socks

Yesterday I shared a bit about my decision to walk in the BlogHer '13 Fashion Show and today I want to share why it was such  a fabulous experience.
It really came down to 3 things, really: 1) being a part of a diverse, talented group of ladies, 2) feeling the support and encouragement from our vocal, exuberant audience and, 3) kicking my nerves and insecurities to the curb and having fun!
Numbers 2 and 3 are actually related: it was the cheering, whooping, clapping and just sheer energy from the crowd that instilled confidence in me. It was infectious. It helped me relax, realize I was in a nonjudgmental, supportive environment, and it was a moment to shine.

See what I mean?

BlogHer '13 Fashion Show
And here's the effect: that's Cristi and me walking the finale below. See the grins on our faces? 
BlogHer '13 - Fashion Show
It made me think: how great would it be if we were this supportive of each other all the time?
The cherry on top was loving my two looks - they made me feel polished, put together, and ready to rock the stage!
The BlogHer ’13 Fashion Show brought to you by Ulta
A big thank you to Elisa and the rest of the BlogHer staff for this opportunity! What a great experience!

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