Three Shiny Gadgets I Want to Buy and Three Ways to Resist

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Everytime a new "toy" comes out, I am tempted to try it. After all, it's only human nature to want something new and cool. Here are three gadgets that I want to buy, and how I am convincing myself to resist.

What I Want

iPad: I never thought I would want one, but after I played with it in an Apple store, I am a bit hooked. Of course, I tell myself that it will be a useful purchase -- I can read, write, surf the Web, watch movies, play with the apps, and it's thin and easy to carry. But honestly, I think the shiny sleekness of the exterior probably has just as much to do with my desire for an iPad as its functionality. Still, at $500 for the cheapest model, iPad is not an impulse purchase for me.

AIRbrush make-up system by TEMPTU: When I first heard of this at-home airbrushing makeup, I was intrigued. After all, who does not want to look as if they have flawless skin all the time? Temptu promises a "revolution in make-up" with its system, with which you can do your own airbrushing at home. But beauty comes with a price, and a hefty one at that. The entire AIRbrush make-up system costs $250 to $350. Talk about a pricey foundation!

Netbook: If I can't get an iPad, then perhaps I can get a netbook. After all, netbooks can be had for just $300, almost half as much as an iPad. Also, I cannot deny the "cute" factor of netbooks. I see people with them at coffee shops, happily typing away, and I can't help but feel a slight twinge of "I want that, too!"

How I Stop Myself

1. I remind myself that I don't have to get them right now. The iPad, the netbook, and the airbrush makeup system will still be there in a year or two. In fact, they will probably be better or cheaper or offer more value, even if they stay the same price. Not getting new toys right now doesn't mean that I will never enjoy running my fingers across a touch screen, or that I'll always be carrying around a heavy laptop. It just means that now is not the right time to make such a big purchase.

2. I recognize that I have items that I can use in the meantime: I have a full-sized laptop that, while not as portable (and certainly not as cool) as the iPad or the netbook, is perfectly functional and suitable to my needs. That means even though an iPad or the netbook may make my life easier, they certainly are not necessities.

3. I keep my eyes on a bigger goal: I am saving for a big, big, big trip to the Galapagos Islands. This trip will cost $6,000 for myself alone. It's going to be a long journey to save that much money, but I know the experience will be incredible. There will also be temptations (see above) along the way to take away my focus and my money, but I know that when I step onto the islands in Darwin's footsteps, the sacrifices will all be worth it. If I don't spend $500 on an iPad, that will be $500 that I can put into my savings account for the adventure of a lifetime.

Prince Charles And Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Galapagos Tour - Day 2

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