3 Steps to Bliss!

I have been practicing the happiness exercises you've shared over the past year, Dr. Aymee. How can I take my happiness practice to the next level?
I have three additional exercises that will help you achieve what I call advanced happiness and experience feelings of bliss and joy!

We have come a long way in our time together as we have focused on being in control of your own happiness, learned methods to increase your happiness, learned tools to cope with everyday life challenges and even methods to obtain inner contentment and peace. We have worked up to what I would call advanced happiness. Bliss and Joy.

Before being able to cultivate the feelings of bliss and joy, you first have to take control of your own happiness, experience frequent positive mood, cultivate resiliency in challenging situations, and focused on your inner peace. Doing this work will help you experience the best of what happiness has to offer us!

Imagine skipping through a field of sunflowers with smiley face balloons in your hand feeling no care in the world.

I am going to give you a few exercises that will help you achieve this feeling wherever you are and whomever you are with. These exercises will show you how you can experience a variety of blissful feelings from effervescent joy, light bliss and peaceful divine bliss.

To experience effervescent bliss, we are going to inject your upward spiral* with a five happy jumps!

These ‘I am happy jumps’ are the quickest and easiest way to bliss!

Let’s do some right now to get started, put one hand in the air, jump up and say “I am happy!”

I am happy! I am happy! I am happy! I am happy! I am happy!

YES! Effervescent Bliss!

That ZESTFUL sensation in your body is what I am talking about! Hopefully you were able to achieve states of effervescent bliss without even having to think yourself there!
You can do these any time anywhere.

To experience light bliss, replace fear with faith. Look the unknown right in the face and project a positive future by choosing faith over fear. Faith meaning Trust*. Trust that if you put out positive you will get back positive. Plus you can create realistic optimism when you identify a realistic goal, create an achievable plan and believe in yourself to achieve the plan.

Right now picture the traffic you will have to deal with after work.... You imagine: it's going to be bad....

Now choose faith.

Picture the traffic moving easily and quickly and getting home before your normal time. Trust you will find a new route.

Which one felt better?

Faith, of course.

This is LIGHT bliss.

This way, you build trust in yourself by choosing faith over fear.

Beyond effervescent bliss and light bliss is peaceful divine bliss.

The next method for achieving a state of peaceful divine bliss is through connecting with the divine through emptiness. This is a spiritual concept anyone of any religion can adopt.

Do this meditation; it will just take a few moments of your time.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, sit comfortably. Take another deep breath and relax. Go ahead and see your thoughts, honor them, see them dissipate and let them go. Feel your emotions honor them, see them dissipate and let them go. Feel your physical sensations, honor them, see them dissipate and let them go. Again, see your thoughts, dissipate and let them go, see your emotions dissipate and let them go, feel your physical sensations and let them go. Zero thoughts, zero emotions, zero physical sensations. Go through this process until you feel emptiness. When you notice you are feeling this emptiness, put the corners of your mouth toward your cheekbones. Hold that position for as long as you like.

There you have it peaceful divine bliss. You took away your human experience of thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations so you were able to reach a peaceful feeling and divine connection. YES!

You can master your own happiness through the tools I have outlined for you, aiming for empowerment, positive mood, resiliency, contentment and bliss.

Thank you for reading my blogs and I trust you have had more happiness added to your life because of it and THAT makes ME happy!!!

Please share your best tips for achieving Bliss and Joy in your life.

Dr. Aymee Coget, Sustainable Happiness Expert and founder of The Happiness Makeover™ Training Program, offers services and products on how to become happier at her website www.happinessmakeover.com. Ask questions and visit her on Facebook or Twitter (@draymee), or on her blog www.draymee.blogspot.com.

*Please visit our Life Well Lived Glossary for more information about terms used in this post.


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