3 Surefire Ways to Get Back Into the Work Groove Post Holidays

This Christmas, I received a Philips goLITE BLU energy light as a gift which was advertised as providing the user with “energy throughout the day, in a natural way.” Referred to as light therapy, the blue light that shines from the compact device is supposed to naturally help increase energy levels which, during the winter and after the holidays especially, tend to be down all around.

Blue light has been proven to help improve areas of memory, alertness, and reaction time all around, but I realize that not every person, or office, may come equipped with a light like this one. Since a large portion of us are back to the grind today and may be feeling a bit sluggish in approaching our workloads after yesterday’s festivities, here are a few tried and true ways to get back into your work groove (with or without a blue light handy).

1) Take advantage of the semi-empty office to get some work done.

A lot of people tend to prescribe to the “when the cat’s away the mice will play” tactic in the workplace especially with so many people out on vacations or extended breaks. But having the place (mostly) to yourself doesn’t mean you should sit back and use the excuse of not getting assignments done because your team isn’t present. Get as much completed as you possibly can solo, and then work on wrapping up any loose ends or initiatives you had planned for the year before the New Year starts.

2) Wear a new outfit.

There’s something tremendously empowering about coming into the office in a new blouse or wearing new boots after the holidays are over – if the outfit was a gift you’ll definitely want to show it off at work and it’s refreshing to be able to put on something new and fabulous apart from the same old, same old. Even if it’s an accessory like a new handbag or necklace, it’s still great to wear out and about – and serves as a great motivator to helping you get up early in the morning to head out in.

3) Clean up your space.

This may sound like a mom bullet to include but housekeeping counts! Make sure that any holiday decorations you have up have been taken down, your paperwork is organized, and any dying poinsettias have been tossed out with their broken leaves. Additionally, look into cleaning out your work inbox and bookmarked tabs – staying tidy is internal just as much as it’s external!