3 Things Employees Need to Do Before the Boss Leaves for Vacation

When the boss is away, the mice will play. Or work becomes a holiday, depending on which alternate version of this phrase you prefer. But while a boss gearing up for some much-needed time off does (to some extent) expect the office to be a bit more lax in their absence, everything still needs to be run ship shape and on schedule. The only way this can properly be done is if the employee takes initiative to ensure they have everything they need from their manager prior to their departure – including the following items.

1) Get Their Contact Availability

Can you contact your boss while they’re out and about? And if yes, when and how? Be sure you have the preferred methods of contact in place before your team leader heads out and depending on whether they’re heading overseas or out of state, the right time zones in place to ensure you aren’t pinging them with too many emails when they’re fast asleep. Try to avoid emailing or calling with every single question you could possibly have too – stick to reaching out primarily for emergencies or if extremely incredible opportunities suddenly arise.

2) Have a Task List in Place

You’ll be working to be sure, but it might be a little less intensive than usual. Nevertheless, keep a to-do list in place and stay busy for as long as your employer is out on their vacation. Take this as an opportunity to start a project you’ve been putting off or pursue an initiative you’ve had your eye on. When the boss gets back to find out you not only completed all of your assigned work, but started up on more areas you weren’t necessarily slated to do right away, it will not go unnoticed without approval.

3) Outside Contact Information

Need to reach a guest blogger about their post or a reporter to inquire when a story is set to go live on the company? Be sure to have all of your outside contacts in place on a master list to reach out to during this time instead of emailing your boss nonstop asking for their info. Discuss with your boss beforehand a little of what to expect by way of who may be reaching out to them while they’re gone too so it’s less of a surprise and more of an “I’ve got this!” move.

And finally, get excited for their vacation and wish them a safe and happy travels!