3 things musicians can learn from the FIFA 2014 champions

It has been exactly one week since we witnessed the finals. Congrats to the Germany team for winning the FIFA World Cup 2014. They totally, deserved the title. 

Facts apart, here are some takeaways from the champions for musicians: 

1. Art is more important than the artist - Even though Germany didn't have a magician like Messi or a 'rasputin' like Ronaldo, the German team worked together as a team towards a common GOAL. Similarly, in music, no matter how many accolades you win or how successful you are as a musician, the end goal should always be music and your music should speak volumes about you.

2. Leverage and take advantage of the variety - The way Germany leveraged the experience of veteran players like Klose and the energy and enthusiasm of younger players like Gotze deserves special mention. Applying this analogy in music, when you work in a music band or collaborate with other artists, identify the individual strengths and try to leverage them to make a wonderful piece of art. 

3. Embrace failure to succeed - Despite being just one step away from the title for more than 10 years, Germany never gave up. In such a scenario, many of us would have declared ourselves as failures but,Germany remained determined. Extrapolating this to music, never ever stop learning or sharpening your skills just because you are not getting the much deserved opportunity. You never know, you could be just one step away from receiving your break.

Here's the presentation ceremony video from last week:

What did you learn from the FIFA 2014 champions? Share your thoughts either in the comments section below or via the contact form.


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