3 times I accidentally shoplifted

Ok I know accidentally shoplifting 3 times may sound like a lot and it sounds like its not accidental, but this is over the course of my whole life and at very different times.

Time number one-  I was shopping at the mall with my 1 year old daughter and my friend.  We were looking at the children's clothes at a department store.  As we were shopping, my daughter kept picking up shirts and playing with them. I promptly said "no,no" and put them back.  Well, after we headed out of the store, we went to the mall child play area.  I took my daughter out of her stroller and to my horror, there was a girl's white t-shirt which said "Dad +Mom=ME" I don't know which was more horrifying, what the t-shirt said or that it was in the stroller.  I was so embarrassed that I asked my friend to watch my daughter.  I took the t-shirt, hurried back to the departement store and put it in the home department on one of the beds on display.  Then I ran out. 

Time number two- I was shopping with my 4 year old daughter and my 1 year old son.  We were at the grocery store.  I had my hands full with the two kids.  It was almost nap time and they were not behaving.  I paid for my groceries and took my cart and kids outside to load in the car.  After I had unloaded everything (and everyone), I saw on the bottom shelf of the cart the 12 pack of diet cola that I did not pay for.  I checked my receipt, nope not there.  I could not even imagine dragging the kids back into the cart and into the store.  So I left the 12 pack of diet cola in the cart, put the cart in the cart holder in the parking lot and left. 

Time number 3- I was shopping at a discount store getting two rugs for the house.  The cashier who was working looked angry and sad.  She had tears running down her face and did not say anything when I put my rugs on the conveyor belt.  She scanned the barcode for the first rug twice, which would have been fine but the other rug was bigger than the other and it cost 3 times as much.  I started to say something, but then the cashier said in a angry tone "Are you going to pay or what?" Ummm..... I think I'll pay. 



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