3 Tips for Online Dating Newbies


Gone are the days where you have to physically place yourself in a position to meet the man of your dreams. Online dating has become one of the primary ways of meeting new prospects for singles on the go.

Although it has been socially accepted to take the more non-traditional route to love, there are many aspects of online dating that gives pause to those who may be playing around with the idea.

If you’re interested in taking the next step to find your love, here’s a few tips to make your transition a little easier:

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Tip 1: Find a Good Site

This has been one of the biggest concerns for singles who are on the dating scene. There seem to have been a burst of new sites that cater to the online dating world, but not all sites are of good quality. I always went for the site that had credibility based on word of mouth! Commercials are meant to show the good parts of a product, but getting the low down from someone who actually experienced the product is much more valuable.

My top choices: Plenty of FishMatch.com and OK Cupid

I met my fiancé on Match.com (5 yrs ago) and felt the site had the usual creep but the caliber of men were great! My friends and family members swear by sites like OK Cupid (Free membership & I know another married couple who met on there a few years ago) and Plenty of Fish (free membership) is said to have a pool of men who are pretty good catches.

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Tip 2: Stick with it!

Like anything else, your dedication needs to be 100% in order to achieve your goal. Whether it’s online or outside at a park, you’ll have to stumble through a few frogs before you meet your prince. Don’t get discouraged if you’re on the site for a few months with no success.  My fiancé said he was on Match for 6 months before he met me!

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Tip 3: Be Open-minded

Right before meeting my fiancé, I had a string of relationships with men who were a bit of a nightmare. I had to reevaluate the things I thought I deemed necessary to have in a mate. Dating online for me was brand new and allowed me to be exposed to a plethora of men who were very different than the men I had been dating so far.

The key to dating online is to be open-minded. Your prince may be packaged differently than you expected but may be your prince nonetheless. Go on a few dates with men you may not have neccessarily been drawn to if you had met at the club, bar, park or in other social settings.

Try dating different personality types as well.  This could give you a range for what you definitely want to have in your partner and those traits that are 100% out of the question. You might even find something new that you like, that you hadn’t considered before!


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