3 Tips on Surviving the Holiday Hangover

The holidays: a time for charity, cheer, and maybe just a little bit too much drinking at the office party. EVERYONE has a great office party story about the intern who passed out in the closet or the time a stuck up CEO donned a lampshade and started doing the Macarena.

But when the festivities end, business must begin. So how do you combat the dreaded holiday hangover? As long as you throw any caloric concern out the window, you can arrive at the office bright and chipper despite having had a bit too much the night before by:

Drinking Water!

This is fairly standard; always drink plenty of water after hitting the town. If you can manage it, remember to parse out your alcoholic merriment with a glass of water or two. Not only will it help you pace yourself but your body, and head will thank you for not depriving it of water by giving you a reprieve from the usual morning after headache.

Going to bed nice and early.

You’re partying, having a good time and suddenly… it’s way past your bedtime. Don’t feel too bad about that! Safely head home and hit the hay. You’ll be thankful for the few extra hours of precious sleep when you head into the office the next morning.

Hitting up a Fast Food Restaurant.

Leave a little early and treat yourself to a nice, greasy fast food breakfast. I know, it seems terrible to follow nighta of debauchery with gluttony, but some grease will help soak up any extra alcohol that may be left over and causing queasiness.

Then, when you’ve followed all of my advice, remember to smile and be extra nice to your coworkers. After all, they may have neglected all of the above and may not be feeling quite as well as you.

Good luck with that first day back at the office!