3 Types of Learners

A few days ago I did two things.

First, I read up on the “3 Learning Styles.” Visual, audio and kinesthetic.
2010-06-14 - Monday Muse - 3 Types of Learners - Night Gowns copy
Second, I decided we’d sew summer nightgowns together (inspired by Angry Chicken’s post last week).

In preparation for our first home school meeting (Helen will start kindergarten this fall), my husband and I stayed up late one night. We had fun taking learning style tests, comparing our many differences, and talking about what we can tell about our girls so far. Lots of laughs and little jewels of understanding, enhanced by a bottle of wine.

The next day, I looked up a few night gown patterns, dreamed, and hastily set upon whipping something up myself. We located some old white curtains that were light-weight and pretty. Check. Plenty of white thread. Check. (I’m all for saving our funds when it comes to sewing. And if I have to go buy something, it’s like the kiss of death for whatever idea has sprung to life.) And, a pattern? Hmmmm…patterns, schmatterns.

As soon as we got started, “That’s why” became my mantra. No pattern made for a very clumsy attempt at making clothing. It turned out to be a long endeavor. Many mistakes. Lots of seam ripper action. And plenty of “Please try this on again. Ugh. Thank you.”
2010-06-14 - Monday Muse - 3 Types of Learners - Learning to Sew  with Helen
But most intriguing was watching my learning styles in action. Though I’m usually a very visual learner (almost completely actually), in sewing it seems I’m primarily kinesthetic. I like to jump in, avoid direction, figure things out, and then forget it all by the time I attempt another garment. It’s not such a smart way of going about things. And, it’s not the usual way for me. I’m usually a pretty careful and detail-oriented person.

So, we did end up with night gowns. And, they are pretty, and great for the warmer weather that seems to be right around the corner now. But, I’m not sure how long they’ll last. I did learn many things though.
2010-06-14 - Monday Muse - 3 Types of Learners - Learning to Sew  with Alice
DO double up the fabric on the hems otherwise it’ll fray upon it’s first wash.
DON’T attempt sleeves unless you have a pattern or seriously know what you’re doing.
DO try clothing on often throughout the sewing process. It’s easier than fixing it after it’s already sewn.
DON’T forget to watch where you’re 2 year old went while re-threading the needle. (Yes, all fingers still intact despite the sudden foot-peddle action.)
And, DO feel confident to teach your children in the process. It’s fun and a great learning activity for their own little minds. (The kids are checking out all of their hems now after having sewn their own on their new nighties.)

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