3 Types of Spirits

Spirits, ghosts, or even simply put–the paranormal. No matter how you want to identify those people who's bodies have moved on but souls remain, its hard to say that they don't exist in one way or another and that they're not seriously interesting (in my opinion anyway). Sure there's disbelievers out there, but I am definitely not one of them.

I feel that there are three types of ghosts. The first type is a residual spirit. They don't interact, they don't even have a purpose, and maybe a part of them has indeed moved on, but the rest of them can't seem to get out of a habit they've been in since they were alive. While on our Haunted Pub Crawl Pegleg, Lorelai, and I learned of a two ghosts like this who could almost be timed and most definitely counted on to arrive at the same location, move in the same direction, and then disappear... always at the same time during the night. Everyone can see them in their hazy outdated form, but the question is, are they aware of their onlookers. I sort of doubt it.

The second type of spirit is the one with "unfinished business" whether they're sticking around to protect/look over their territory, to pass along a message, or maybe even because they just loved life too damn much to completely give it up. I feel the saddest for these spirits. It's mostly because of this second type of ghosts that I'm happiest Mediums exist. One day maybe they'll eventually move on and find further comfort with their current lifeless state. I believe the ghost(s) that I caught on film in the Jenny Wade house were this type of ghost. Perhaps because of the traumatic way Jenny died, the discomfort she has with her house being turned into a tourist attraction, or even because she really wants to be noticed and helped... she's still hanging around.

Then there's the third type of ghost. The one you know/knew personally. The kind that you miss on some level who's here to offer comfort, grab your attention, and just let you know they still think of you too. They're also the spirit that goes must ignored. Maybe you've noticed your favorite picture frame is missing. Pennies and other coins are showing up out of nowhere on steps or in the kitchen (farther away from couch cushions and laundry rooms). Memories of a lost relative or friend pop into your head unexpectedly or run rampantly, pleasantly through your dreams.

I sort of think my grandfather is doing that to me right now. Oh, I'm not worried that he hasn't passed on or anything, I just think he feels like he should be around me right now. While he passed away almost four years ago (exactly) he's been more present in my life now then he has been since he was sitting on the lazyboy in my living room watching the ball game. It's sort of comforting really. Such good memories keep popping up. I'm almost aware of his feelings towards things that are so beyond anything he and I ever had the chance to talk about while he was alive. I don't know, you know it is getting closer to the holidays. When I thought more about it, I did eventually realize that his death's anniversary is coming up ... sometime soon. Also, I've graduated from college, got a new job, a new apartment, a very serious boyfriend... maybe it's just me wanting him around to celebrate these milestones. Either way, I'm happy and I'm aware of it. I think that's the key.... be open to those spirits around you who are trying to get your attention (for one reason or another).

Have you ever had one of these type of experiences?

P.S. The ghost tour manager got back to me. They weren't able to recreate my ghostly image, though they did find amazingly similar to an image captured in a picture November of 2005 taken by a different person in a different part of the house. Crazy! I believe in ghosts sure, but have I ever actually seen one? No, definitely not. Have I ever technically seen one now? Not quite. But am I still totally amazed/freaked out at the possibility that one(two?) spirits were just feet away pretty much staring at me?

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