Three Ways to Celebrate Sex and the City With Your Friends

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Sex and the City 2 came out yesterday, and many women are dressing up and going out to celebrate the return of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte (and Aidan and Mr. Big). The movie isn't just making the fans happy -- movie theater operators and party planners are all getting a piece of the Sex and the City money-making action. Many theater owners are packaging SATC2 as a girl's night out, complete with dinner, drinks, and the movie.

Last night in Scottsdale, Arizona, women paid $35 each to attend a chic cocktail party at Morton's Steakhouse (the menu include specialty drinks such as Miranda Manhattan and Charlotte's Cherry Kiss), then headed to a Harkins theater to watch the movie.

Sarah Jessica Parker Greets The Crowd At The Late Show!

If just one night out isn't enough, you can have an entire Sex and the City weekend! Hotel Sorella in Houston, Texas, is offering a SATC package that includes room for two, passes to the movie, martinis at a lounge, and a DVD of SATC1. These packages start at $218 for weekends.

We can't all live Big like Mr. Big and the gang. But fear not, Sex and the City, at its heart, is the story of girlfriends who stand up for and stand with each other through thick and thin. And that's something you don't need a lot of money to celebrate (especially if you pass up the idea of doing so in the glittering Abu Dhabi). Here are some ways to have a lovely Sex and the City themed-night without breaking the bank.

1. Girl's Night In: Instead of going out for drinks before the movies, why not have wine-and-dessert night in after the show? Have a few bottles of moscato or prosecco chilling in the fridge ($5 to $10 per bottle) and perhaps a cheesecake ($7) and a fruit tart ($6) from Trader Joe's. When everyone is back from the movies (and ready to discuss the intricate character development), pour some bubbly, bring out the tray of sweets, and have fun dissecting the dynamics between Carrie, Big, and Aidan.

2. Clothes Swap Soiree: The ladies of SATC (especially Carrie) are known for their fashion sense. Carrie, after all, infamously spent $40,000 on shoes but couldn't pony up a down payment on her condo. At a clothes swap party, you can try something new without spending a penny. Just ask each of your girl friends to bring a few items of clothing, accessories or jewelry that are in good condition, but that they no longer wear or use. Then everyone can swap away. What's leftover can be donated to the local Goodwill.

3. Donation Party: Sex and the City emphasizes the power of friendship between women. Why not work with your girlfriends to extend that gesture of friendship to women who are in need of help? Have a donation party where each participant brings essentials that ladies often take for granted but that are in scarce supply at women's shelters: deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen, lip gloss, etc.

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