3 Ways College Graduates Can Save Money Post Grad

As the class of 2013 gears up for their college graduation ceremonies this May, with that diploma will come a great deal of additional financial responsibility. Student loan payments, rent, utilities, monthly car notes, and credit card statements will suddenly need to be addressed and paid for and for many new graduates, this debt can be easily overwhelming. Don't panic about the money owed just yet - there are still a few ways that new college graduates can work to save money once they're off the campus and into the real world.

1) Pay off other debt before student loans.

Many student loans are deductible and have very low interest rates, but the same is not true for credit card debt. Do not accumulate credit card debt and if you do, pay it off first.

2) Spend within your means.

Now's not the time to take a vacation at Las Vegas! Don't go crazy spending what you don't have until you earn enough money that you can afford to begin spending. Only spend money that you have.

3) Budget, budget, budget!

Stick to a careful monthly budget on everything from groceries to entertainment. Save your receipts! Even small items like Starbucks lattes can add up and make a difference as to where your money is going, Work hard, live within your means, and the hard work will pay off so that your means can yield greater spending (in due course). After all, good things come to those who wait - and work hard while they wait!


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