30-Day Fitness Challenge Day Twenty: Disco Is Alive and Well

I watched Saturday Night Fever on Friday night for the first time in years and I’ve hardly been able to sit still since then. There’s a brand-new “disco” playlist on my ipod that’s been playing nonstop. I love this movie. In college my roommate and I watched it all the time. In fact, I just recently decided it was time to replace the worn-out VHS tape that I’ve been watching all this time (I graduated college ten years ago) and recently bought the new-ish 30th anniversary DVD.

I had the movie soundtrack running all through my head during my Saturday morning tennis game. I concentrated on having smooth form, as sleek as a young John Travolta in tight pants, and I played the best tennis of my life.

I take a belly dancing class and as I was watching the movie, I started thinking, “Hey, disco dancing is belly dancing. It’s all hips.” I’ve been having trouble with one particular step and I practiced it to “You Should Be Dancin” and I totally got the step.

I’ve been gliding through the house all weekend whenever “More than a Woman” comes on. I’m very close to turning on the dance lesson bonus feature of the DVD. Maybe if my husband goes out tonight…

You just can’t sit still when your favorite dance music is playing. If you’re alone in your office, or even if you’re not, get up and dance a little. It’s fun.


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