30 Reasons I'm Thankful to Be Turning Thirty

I have to admit, turning thirty is a little scary, especially when your mother had symptoms of Alzheimer’s before she turned fifty.  My husband noted that I am “advancing in age” in an otherwise very sweet birthday letter.

But, turning thirty is a little bit exciting, too, because I’m celebrating the start of a beautiful, new chapter in this great adventure.  As my grandmother recently told me, my life is “so full right now.”

turning thirty

Here is a list of 30 amazing blessings I’m thankful for as I’m turning thirty:

  1. My inquisitive, observant two-year-old.
  2. My happy, vocal, five-month-old “mini me”.
  3. My honest, supportive husband.
  4. My patient, all-grown-up “baby” brother.
  5. My helpful, generous in-laws.
  6. My daughters knowing their great-grandparents.
  7. My dad loving being a “Grandpa”.
  8. My extra momma, Cheryl.
  9. My brother-in-law, sister-in-law-in-law and nephew moving to Texas.
  10. My niece entering the world.
  11. My relationship with my sweet stepmother.
  12. My amazing yoga instructor.
  13. My wonderful massage therapist.
  14. My genuine, fun-loving church family.
  15. My husband’s job (despite the long hours).
  16. My often dirty but love-filled home.
  17. My smartphone (which I had to dry out in a bag of rice overnight after dropping in the toilet yesterday, haha) and social media to keep me connected and inspired on a daily basis.
  18. My Jessicas (all three of them).
  19. My Carly (and her amazing photography skills).
  20. My sweet Shelli.
  21. My candid, opinionated and fearless MOPS mommas.
  22. Springtime in Texas with beautiful bluebonnets.
  23. My somewhat green thumb.
  24. Living in the healthy eating, young family-oriented, outdoors-loving mecca that is Austin.
  25. Living in the information age, which allows me to research anything affecting my family’s health.
  26. Accepting that I will never be perfect.
  27. Knowing that I have a perfect Savior.
  28. Knowing that God’s plans are better than my wildest dreams.
  29. Knowing that my mother is finally home.
  30. Knowing that this is not my home.


Lauren Flake @ For the Love of Dixie