30 Recipes for Leftover Fruit

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7. Party Appetizers.

Fruit ice cream

If you’re having a small dinner party, this is a perfect opportunity to use up leftover fruit. I love making fruit appetizers like Nutella-filled strawberries or Mascarpone-filled strawberries.

8. Dried fruit.

Fruit ice cream

Last but not least, you can dry fruit. It is my go-to method when I have pounds of fruit about to spoil. It’s amazing how fruit shrinks once it is dried. Ten pounds of apricot can fit into a single plastic bag once it’s dried. And because the water has been eliminated, you are able to consume much more dried fruit than fresh fruit. I use a fruit dehydrator because you can let it sit and dry all day, but you can also use an oven.

So there you have them -- thirty recipes for using up leftover fruit. No more throwing away rotten fruit or batting away fruit flies. As the fruit trees continue to blossom, you can embrace summer’s sweet offerings and enjoy fruit in many different ways.


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