30 Something Days Ago, Plus A Decade, Until Now

Thirty days ago or few more days than that, I decided to write for July 2014 Blogher NaBloPoMo; I was intrigued by the theme - DECADE –




Because I was convinced that the last decade was one of the roughest 10 years plus some, (it actually started before 2003) that I could have imagined. Therefore, I thought hmmm here’s my chance; before I head into the next decade, I could reflect upon the last 10 years and let go of my baggage.  Perhaps if I join the July NaBloPoMo, I can write and express my feelings of my past, in hopes that once on paper it is expelled out of me – I would see the regrets, and sad years for what they were worth.  


Well 30 days into this and truth is, I don’t think I fully reached the cathartic state that I wanted to. Because the truth is, I wrote 22 posts of what I know now…I shared some of my poems and let you all in for a glimpse of my life now.  I wrote about one of my proudest things I did, and let you all know about a life-changing event.  I might have peppered in my fears, worries, and regrets but that’s all they were a tiny pinch reminding me to pay attention.




I found that tonight on Pinterest.  I love it when I receive gifts like that.   I think in the last week I started feeling what the  sign is saying…I think I know who I am,  I know what I  want,  and I know that I am strong.   But more importantly I know that all is right because,  10 years ago I set out to do one thing, and one thing only –  It was achieved -  I became a mom.

Lastly, no one knows what the future holds and that is with good reason. Because if we did, we would lose a connection with the only one you could rely on, yourself.   






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