31-Day Photo Challenge

A few things have collided today - the first day of the month (perfect time to start something new), I remembered a 30-day scrapbooking challenge that I wanted to do, and I opened my new camera. Oh - and I launched my new FaceBook page. With all that going on, I am starting a 31-Day Photo Challenge and invite you to join me. Each day, take a photo as listed below. Interpret the assignment as you wish. Use your digital camera, phone, iPad, pin-hole camera - whatever you choose. Then share it on my FaceBook page. On your own page, you might want to create an album to keep track of all your wonderfully fun photos. Ready? Load up your camera. Go! 31 Day Photo Challenge 1. peace 2. your breakfast 3. something you wore today 4. the sky 5. something you use daily 6. something in your kitchen 7. what you’re reading 8. your shoes 9. your bag/purse/backpack you carried today 10. something that makes you smile 11. a door 12. a reflection of something 13. Mother’s Day 14. something sweet 15. green 16. a flower 17. something you made 18. something fun 19. a smile 20. 9 o’clock 21. something child-ish 22. your favorite number 23. a snack 24. somewhere you went today 25. whatever you’d like 26. a cup/bottle/jug 27. love 28. jewelry 29. your favorite color 30. self-portrait 31. summer! Mommyx4 at www.facebook.com/JustPiddlinWithFrances and www.slackermomof4.blogspot.com


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