31 days, 31 ways to Love : Keepsakes for YOU

Happy December 1st to you!!!

So trusting the wonder of the right now finds you feeling hope, exuding joy, and expecting a bounty of good.

Oh, I simply adore this month!!! For me, each December, I find my heart deeply yearning to know what more can I do to hold and hug someone's right now, let her or him know they're okay just as they are, and find a way to virtually hold hands and hearts with humanity.

What we think about ourselves and one another and how we treat ourselves and one another matters soo deeply much.

The what and how we think about ourselves determines how we treat ourselves. And the what and how we think about one another determines how we treat one another.

So you betcha: the what and how we think about ourselves and one another absolutely matters.

*** Announcing 31 Keepsakes ***

So, since the what and how we think about ourselves matters so deeply much, for the next 31 days, I'm offering 31 Keepsakes: daily treasures for you to help you tuck up your heart just a bit more, expand how you think about yourself and one another and deepen the gentleness, humanity and kindness in how you treat yourself and one another.

Why Now, this month, for 31 Keepsakes?

Last year. I was so inspired by Sofia Talvik's December Advent Video Calendar. Every day for December, Sofia shared a video gift for everyone--often a song, sometimes simply how she was celebrating, thoughts she had and wanted to offer.

I was moved to think about what I could do as a gift for everyone too. :)

Baby confession: December has ALWAYS been my favorite month. And not just cuzza Christmas and all my treasured keepsakes of memories from years of awaiting Santa's sleigh.

Truth? It's my birthday month. ;) And EVERY YEAR for as long as I can remember one of the greatest gifts I've yearned for is a way to love up humanity....a way to share my special day all month long with each heart, each childlike thought around the world.

Sound hokey? Well, it doesn't have to.

I've devoted so much of my moments and my days to cultivating a deeper awareness of my oneness and the joy that this brings of walking around 24/7 knowing and feeling how loved I am, safe I am, secure and stable my life is...And when you exude this conviction, it's just inevitable you want to share it.

Bring on the LOVE!!! :)

The 31 Keepsakes

31 Keepsakes is my now way of thinking up a practical way to help you feel more tangibly and practically how loved you are this moment.

31 Keepsakes is my right now gift to you to help you:

1. mommy your heart

2. mentor your moments

3. marry your life

How will this work?

For each of the next 31 days I'll offer one tip per each category, so a total of:

1. 10 tips for how to 'mommy my heart'

2. 10 tips for how to 'mentor my moments'

3. 10 tips for how to 'marry my life'

What? You say that's only 30 tips and you promised 31?

Oh, you're sooo good.

That's right. I did say 31.

For the 31st tip, I will...well, golly, that would spoil it now wouldn't it? :)

You'll just have to stick around and follow along but there will be a 31st tip on December 31. Promise:)

What of the nay sayers:

Now granted, I'm no silly. And I'm sure a few of ya'll reading this are looking for the loophole, lookin for the pitch or the sale or the what's in this for her.

Answer: What's in this for me:

Full disclosure: It's my monthly challenge for myself to:

  • nudge myself to spread the love intentionally for 31 days.
  • nudge myself to warm my heart--where it matters most-- in preparation for the chill of the winter days ahead.
  • nudge myself to deepen my commitment to you, the reader.

I need a bit more structure:) albeit gentle -- as a way to ensure I show up to my blog and post something of meaning for you each day. This is my home base for my work. But more, it's a home base for my heart. And knowing that the winter season is about to kick in full fledge, the inspiration behind this offering is something that is already warmin' my heart enough to know I'll be able to embrace the winter instead of feel nervous about it. (You'll learn, that's one of my mommy me tips..how to prepare for the stuff we're nervous about by making it something to look forward to:) ).

Beyond that? There's no direct pitch or hidden sales promo here except to offer the most obvious: If throughout your soaking up the love fest of the 31 Keepsakes you find something of meaning, I hope you will use it. I hope you will proactively and assertively take the tip and use it. And then I hope you will come back here and share how it worked for you in the comments below or by emailing me at tre at thought by thought dot net.

And more? My dream?

That each one of us gains a deeper sense each day of how loved he and she really is and vital and precious and needed he and she is. To that end, if each one of us can tuck ourselves up and love ourselves just a baby bit more? Well, golly, we may help others do so as well. What would be possible then? :)

:) So looking forward to sharing the love, helping you mommy your heart, mentor your moments and marry your life that much more than you already do.

And if you wish to discuss any of these ideas further, I hope you will nudge yourself to be in touch, by phone or email.

THANK YOU for being here. Remember to subscribe to the blog (see upper right collumn) to ensure you get each of the 31 Keepsakes in your inbox for each day of December as my gift to you to help you mommy your heart, mentor your moments and marry your amazing wonderful just as-you-are-life !!! :)

Here's to a wonderful December full of moments of hope, tenderness, gentleness, kindness, peace, and love.

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