31 Days to a Better Marriage Series


With the start of a new year, what better time to set some goals and work on improving areas of our lives?  One area, near and dear to my heart is marriage.   Over the next few months I will be posting 31 helpful tips and ways to improve your marriage (so these will not be 31 sequential days to a better marriage).



Day 1: Marriage Goals

Day 2: Expectations

Day 3: Compromise

Day 4: Selflessness

Day 5: Thoughts

Day 6: Words

Day 7: Actions



Day 8: Pray over what goals you set.

Day 9: Pray for your spouse

Day 10: Pray for your marriage

Day 11: Pray for wisdom

Day 12: Pray for the ability to forgive

Day 13: Pray for your family.


Meeting Needs:

Day 14: Love and Respect

Day 15: Love Language

Day 16: Peacemaker

Day 17: Flirt

Day 18: Don't Mother

Day 19: Food



Day 20: What do friends do?

Day 21: Laughter

Day 22: Shared Interests

Day 23: Acceptance

Day 24: Forgive

Day 25: Catch up



Day 26: Communication

Day 27: Dates

Day 28: Compliments

Day 29: Bible study

Day 30: Physical closeness

Day 31: Reflection


Still need some improvement, then sign up for emails to get a copy of Buried Treasure: Revealing Your Husband as the Man of Your Dreams.


I pray this study will bring you closer to your spouse.





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