31 Psalms of Comfort for the Weary

psalms of comfort for the weary

Is your heart weary and your days exhausting?  Do words of comfort elude you?

I love the book of Psalms.  I love the raw emotions and how that many times I can see myself right there in the thick of the pain and then am reminded of the victory God gives.  God is gracious to give us those verses to remind us that we are not alone.

Sometimes comfort is just a verse away but yet, our minds are exhausted and we can’t remember exactly where to look.

Here are 31 Psalms of Comfort for the Weary. 

I purposely did not type out the verses for you because I want you to look at the Psalm in your Bible, on your Bible Gateway app or YouVersion app.  I want you to write it out and put it where you can see it several times a day.  I want you to print off this list and mail to someone who needs encouragement.  I want you to email this article to someone who needs encouragement.  I want you to wrap your heart around these verses each day and be comforted.

Each morning as you grab yourself some coffee and/or breakfast, get that days verse and let it bring you comfort throughout the day.


31 Psalms of Comfort for the Weary


Day 1 – Psalm 2:12 – Blessed are all who take refuge in Him

Day 2 – Psalm 5:11 – Take refuge in Him and sing for joy

Day 3 – Psalm 7:1 – Take refuge in God and be delivered

Day 4 – Psalm 16:1 – He will not abandon those who take refuge in Him

Day 5 – Psalm 18:1 – He is OUR strength

Day 6 – Psalm 18:32 – He equips us with strength

Day 7 – Psalm 18:39 – Strength for the battle

Day 8 – Psalm 21:1 – We rejoice in His strength

Day 9 – Psalm 21:13 – In His strength we can sing praises of His power

Day 10 – Psalm 28:1 – He is our strength and our shield

Day 11 – Psalm 28:7 – He is our strength, let your heart trust in him

Day 12 – Psalm 28:8 – He is the strength of his people

Day 13 – Psalm 37:40 – He helps those that takes refuge in Him

Day 14 – Psalm 46:1 – He is our strength and help in trouble

Day 15 – Psalm 59:9 – He is our strength and fortress

Day 16 – Psalm 59:16-17 – Sing of his strength – praise the hurt away

Day 17 – Psalm 61:3 – He is our strong tower

Day 18 – Psalm 65:6 – The one who created the mountains is our strength

Day 19 – Psalm 68:35 – He gives power and strength

Day 20 – Psalm 71:1 – When our strength is gone, He is our refuge

Day 21 – Psalm 71:3 – We can continually run to our rock of refuge

Day 22 – Psalm 72:36 – When our bodies fail, God strengthens us forever

Day 23 – Psalm 91:1 – Dwell in the shadow of the Lord

Day 24 – Psalm 91:2 – Trust in your refuge and fortress

Day 25 – Psalm 91:11 – His angels guard you

Day 26 – Psalm 91:15 – He will deliver us

Day 27 – Psalm 94:22 – He is our stronghold, our fortress & our rock

Day 28 – Psalm 96:6 – Strength is in his sanctuary

Day 29 – Psalm 105:4 – Seek the LORD and his strength

Day 30 – Psalm 116:7 – He is our rest

Day 31 – Psalm 138:3 – When you call, he WILL answer and strengthen your soul


When you are tired and worn, run to the Psalms and find comfort.

Please encourage others by leaving your favorite Psalm of comfort in the comments below. 

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