365 Days of Carol Anne (Learning to Love Myself)

Day 45

I am vain. I am very vain. I didn't know I was vain until I got my wig. I've never been happier than to look in the mirror on Saturday and see myself with really truly nice hair. I've always had really poor hair and never thought it ever looked pretty no matter who styled it or how much I dyed or permed it. But Saturday that all changed. I've got hair, nice hair, hair that has body and oomph. And, oh yeah, it's red! Such a pretty color.

We had a 50th wedding anniversary party to attend on Sunday. I was so excited to go buy new makeup and shoes and get dolled up to go out. At my last plastic surgeon appointment she gave me the go ahead to start wearing makeup again, start wearing my glasses again and she gave me the okay to get my ears re-pierced. I haven't made it to the mall yet to accomplish this act of vanity. I actually hate the mall so this particular act of vanity may wait until necessity requires me to go there. So for now I'll just be excited to sport my pretty new hair and my old reading glasses.

Sleep easy my babies. See you tomorrow!



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