365 days of Carol Anne (Learning to Love Myself)

Day 94

I'm back! Yes, I've been remiss in posting much in the way of content the past few days. I've been feeling tired and very rundown. I should probably write these entries earlier in the day when I'm not so sleepy.

It was a good weekend. Me and the hubs vegged at home Saturday. Of course there were Saturday pretzels for lunch :-) No pizza this week. The hubs hasn't been enjoying it. We'd planned to eat dinner Outback Steakhouse then head in to the city to have ice cream at Franklin's Fountain but Snowy's got sick right before we walked out the door so we opted to get take out and get a few necessities at Target and call it a night so we could keep an eye on Snowy.

Speaking of Snowy, have any of you gone through a serious illness and had a pet at the same time? Snowy's an anxious kitty on a good day and recently it seems he's more anxious. The morning of my biopsy he threw up as we were leaving to go. It seems any time we're getting ready to leave the house he gets upset. I was gone for 17 days while I was in the hospital and rehab but it's been 6 months since I've been home but I've left for a few hours here and there for doctors appointments and whatnot and it seems really to bother him. If anyone has any thoughts or advice I'd love to hear from you.

Now on to my good news .... I'm so excited! Chuck's cousin Natalie, who is my cousin by marriage, asked me to read at her wedding in May. I have to find an amazing dress. Maybe I'll get my makeup done that day :-)

Okay, I think you're all caught up now. Thanks for stopping by everyday to read and comment. I love you all.


~ Carol Anne



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