365 Reflections - Reflection 11

I was looking for a bit of inspiration for today's blog so I pulled out my workbook to look for a writing prompt. And the prompt said something or other about reliving an experience that made you feel good about yourself. The experience that immediately came to mind, both because it is so recent but also because it was so unexpected, had to do with my mother.

Now it doesn't matter that I am fifty years old, myself the parent of a seventeen year old, and a former manager of as many as ten people at one time. Earlier this month, my mother said she was proud of me for a difficult position I took and it really made me giddy with delight. I probably should have told her how happy her comment made me, but I was a bit rattled at that moment. So I will take the opportunity to do it now - Thank you Mom. Your words of encouragement and support truly made my month. I love you and love the acknowledgement you have given me.

The circumstances surrounding my mother's praise are, at this moment, not as important as the end result. What I will take the time to write is that, as many of you know, I have been doing a lot of spiritual work over the past few years. That work involves many things. Mostly though, it is trying to find the right tools for my tool box, and then remembering to use them. It does absolutely no good to have done all this work and acquired all this knowledge only to fail to employ it when needed - sort of like trying to dig a hole with a hammer. Yes, I could do it, but there are more effective ways of getting the same result.  What I learned from the experience that elicited my mother's praise is that I can depend on myself to make the decision that is right for me. What it takes is a moment of clarity to figure out what I truly want and then to energetically hold that vision for however long I need. After that, most importantly, I have to let go. Yes, let go. By letting go, I allow the Universal energies to do their own thing. The "how" of making my vision happen is really of no consequence to me. How can that be you may wonder? Well, the way I figure it, even though my thought process works much like a flow chart, there is no way I could conceive of every possible solution to make something happen. Perhaps the Universe has a way of solving something for me that I had never considered? What is important is that the vision comes to fruition - and based upon my experience, it will come to fruition.

Okay, tucking my soapbox and my tools away for the evening. In far less than 12 hours, I intend to get back on my regular a.m. writing schedule so I have to leave something to write about tomorrow.



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