365 Reflections - Reflection 3

When I have time to kill surfing the net, one of my favorite things to do is to listen to a TED Talk. And one of the most memorable for me was the one I heard about the fact that as we have more things to choose from, the act of making a choice becomes harder. I know for me, this is a very accurate statement. Going to the grocery can take far too long if I am buying something out of the norm. For example, let's discuss a simple and common grocery item -  tomato sauce. Would you like meat or no meat? How about sugar in your tomato sauce?  Canned versus jarred or organic versus cheap. I start applying my decision filters and twenty minutes later, I finally pull a jar off the shelf.

So it should come as no surprise that my pending move, and the myriad decisions I must make, is creating quite a bit of immobility on my part. That's not to say that I have not been doing any preparation. Far from it. Knowing that I have needed to move for at least the passed year has curtailed fanciful spending and made me focus at least a bit on home improvement. I have never had much clutter but over the past 6 months, I have been an active seller on craig's list and done a fair amount of clearing out and packing up. I have a move out date and a new place purchased and this is where the trouble begins. I have so many decision to make that I have creative a cesspool of circular activity that is not really getting me anywhere.  I plan on getting new flooring, counter-tops, new paint colors and designing the interior of my closet. And I am afraid to make a decision because of all the dominoes that are affected by that decision.

For the new flooring, it would be easier to do before I move in but I don't know if the seller's will allow that. If I plan on the same weekend I move for the installation of the flooring, will I be able to shift all the boxes from one tiny end of the condo to the other tiny end? As for the closet - which system? Can I really live with the bathroom until some of the other projects are done? Should I buy anything at all before I move in or just see how things go after the first weekend. Okay, so maybe I don't buy anything right now and I just hop on the Ikea planner to lay out the storage units I want to install on the wall of the living room. But wait - will the door I want go with the paint I want. Shouldn't I paint the wall first before installing the cabinets? Is gloss white going to look weird 3 feet from a painted white brick fireplace? Should I place the units on the fl0or or float them on the wall?

Seriously, it just goes on and on - the mental anguish of an equally right and left brained person.


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