365 Reflections - Reflection 8

022The space within. That place where, moments before my alarm goes off that I have my feet firmly in both the conscious and the unconscious. Where my mind starts working on my blog post even though I try not to. The place where, if perfectly wrapped in blankets with the dog snuggled close, I can briefly know that my work day will start soon but I can drift back seamlessly to my encounter with Tom Selleck - the one where he tells me I'm beautiful and confesses his undying love. (Seriously, if you are going to dream - dream BIG!)

This morning and the last few in fact, I have found myself, in my moments of conscious unconsciousness referring to my upcoming move as "The Big Dig". What a great phrase. (I thought the phrase referred to all the hoopla in Seattle related to Bertha, but I was incorrect. For a refresher on the real Big Dig, click here.) Part of the reason I like the phrase "big dig" is because of the alliteration.  I love the way sounds work together to make an image come to life. One of the best alliterations I have ever come up with in one of my blogs is "the pitter-patter of padded paws" when describing the sound of my cat when she was running upstairs while I was downstairs (to revisit that blog, click here).

The Big Dig...obvious reasons it relates to my move are the various layers of closets that I am sorting through to figure out what to keep, what to give away and why I bought it in the first place. But a bigger reason I think this phrase keeps occurring to me is the digging I am doing to unblock what is making me stuck. I am shedding what has made me comfortable in the past. It seems that as I discard one superficial level of the onion I am, to reveal a new thought or way of thinking, I get used to that a little more quickly than the last hurdle I high jumped. And after getting used to that new out skin, I find that I am allowing myself to slowly shed another layer and another. The old thought processes are not working any more and so I have to create new ones - ones that give me the briefest glimpse of hope that I can support myself by my creative outlets.

Until tomorrow.


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