365 Reflections - Reflection 9

No pretty pictures today. No happy post. No sunshine, puppies or rainbows.

All I have is a plea.

"Please save me from the hell know as a moving sale."

Nothing is more awful for me that to lay my stuff out for public viewing and hope that some poor schmuck needs it worse than I ever did. Yikes, I hate this feeling. A feeling of being judged perhaps? Of someone looking at what I have to offer and thinking, no, equating it to who I am. I am not the sum of my stuff. I am not the sum of what I am asking for this stuff.

It all looks dingy and worn to me now. As it should really. Some of it I have had since moving in which was 14 years ago. Another problem is that today is not the community garage sale - I have advertised on Craigs list and placed signs out on the road. I am sure that only doubles the disappointment of someone who has deliberately driven here rather than just happening by during the community garage sale. Why didn't I wait? I guess I am still trying to shed. I want so much to just move on already and I still have things I have to get rid of - apparently both physically and metaphorically. Well, if we do have a community garage sale, my stuff will all be in the garage and ready to go.

I feel awful. Three cars have come and I have made all of six dollars and sold a lamp and a garden tool. Maybe no one else will come. And yet, it's only 9:04. Shit.


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