365 Reflections - Reflection 19

024It was tough to get out of bed this morning. Part of the reason is that  Titan sleeps in the bed with me and he was curled up in the crook of my legs and it was deliciously warm and cozy and perfect.

Titan has been in our house since December of 2012. I adopted him from a rescue organization and like all other things in my life, he arrived at a perfect time and has been a living, breathing solution to my anxiety over not having a man in my life. Because of Titan, I have a reason to leave the house. I have an instant ice breaker when I take him places with me and I have a wiggle butt so excited to see me when I get home that he bends himself nearly in half which makes me grin from ear to ear.  Titan has given me the unconditional love I thought I might not get again. His training was relatively easy and while we did suffer the loss of an occasional shoe, for the most part, other than dryer sheets, he stuck with destroying dog toys. He is now a little over a year and a half and we are trying to not kennel him when we go out for shorter periods of time. I have learned to make sure the counters are cleaned off so that he cannot grab something (imagine cornstarch showered all over your family room). I also make sure he has a Kong stuffed with goodies to occupy him. And for the most part, it has been successful, until recently.

As I have written in several other posts, I have known I was going to move for a bit now and the preparations have been slow in order to not be overwhelming. I have literally been packing for 5 months. Like I have also mentioned before, it's just been a box or two each weekend but here in the last two weekends, things have really been noticeable. For instance, my dining room table and chairs have been sold. The downstairs of my house, which has a living room, kitchen and family room has exactly three pieces of furniture left - a sofa, a chair and a small cabinet on wheels. And in the same way your pet knows something is up when you pull out your suitcase to go on vacation, Titan knows something is up because the house is emptying. As a result, we've had a little bit of regression and some acting out. Where he had outgrown his need to destroy things other than dog toys, he is now slightly obsessed with eating toilet paper. And I mean the roll right off the holder which is mounted on the wall. It's as if it was placed there at a perfect height just for him to graze. He has also had a few "accidents".  I gotten him a new chew toy and he is happily gnawing on it right now, but I know that he is a little stressed and like my son, I think they just want this move to be done.

The countdown is at 8 days and it is as if I am standing at a precipice of a monumental change - almost like being able to see a weather event on the horizon in the Midwest. I would say that I can see the storm coming but that has a negative connotation that I do not feel at all. It's odd that the images in my head for a dramatic change are dark and brooding when I know that what is coming is not. It is more like a blossoming or new beginning. There, I've worked the imagery around in my head. A blossoming is much more what this precipice feels like.

Well, my ten minutes are up and I've got to get more toilet paper. Until tomorrow.



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