365 Reflections - Reflection 2

I am sure at times others wonder what keeps us creative folks from just doing our thing. "C'mon Lisa, how hard is it to just write?"  I've only committed to once a day and only ten minutes at that. Well dear reader, there are obstacles  - big and small. This morning for instance, I was settled in at my desk with hot tea and toast and I had to install updates before my computer allowed the free form of thoughts. I could not postpone the updates anymore and rather than being afraid of a forced shut down while I am reflecting, I took the time to restart. Then I came into WordPress and there is an update here. And I am ignoring the updates for all the plug-ins I have installed. But I persist. My dog Titan is standing in front of my son's room, softly whimpering, begging to be let in and it is all I can do to not get up and appease him. The clock is ticking...

My son's alarm has gone off again and Titan ramps up the whimpering. Focus. Okay, movement from my son's room and Titan can hardly contain himself. My son opens his door and I hear him settle down on the floor so Titan can give him all the kisses he can stand. I sometimes think that's the only form of grooming my son allows. Okay, Alex is headed for the shower and I may be able to eek out another few minutes... But what to focus on? Tick, tick, tick.

This is why it's hard to settle in. Allowing the free-form of thoughts brings up things I don't want to deal with at the moment. I have at least fifteen things I could focus on but each would suck me into hours of rewrites and editing all the while wondering what my point is in writing. Do I write about the simple joy I have when the weekend arrives and I am able to enjoy hot tea and toast? Do I delve into the experience this week of taking a stand while having every single member of my closest network was unavailable during my ordeal - ensuring that my actions were mine and mine alone? Why won't WordPress let me edit the size of my image? Should I go into Facebook and post this blog? What about sharing it on my other sites? Dear God - stop the madness!  Shit, I just looked at the clock and I am way over time, I've said nothing and I am now late for the shower. And you wonder why I don't write more?


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