38 Things I Want To Do or Accomplish before I'm 38

In less then two months I shall be turning 37. First question is how did that happen so quickly. I could remember the days when I would think wow 35 imagine when I am THAT old. Well 35 has long gone by and 36 is about to end. Here I sit as all three of my children are all in school this year. With the oldest starting High School and my youngest in Kindergarten. All three have new adventures,growth and learning ahead of them. 

 I started to think how time really flies by so quickly  How I have been feeling as if I have to reorganize my goals and plans because I love being a stay home mom but I feel its time to be more and find out how to rediscover myself and work on my goals.

So here is my list of what I want to do before I turn 38 (I would say 40 but then it would depress me even more)  In no particular order.


1- Take a honeymoon with my husband. We couldn't afford it 10 1/2 yrs ago and with 3 kids now and all our bills.... (fill in the blank)

2-Run a 5k and get a medal around my neck. I actually learned to love to run and was pretty awesome and could do a 5k no problem last year. I've slaked off and that needs to change.

3- Get back into my workout routine. I do NOT want to gain back the 55 pounds I've lost. I'm pretty sure I've gained at least 15-20 back. I've been too chicken to check my weight the past 7 months.

4-Go to a Haunted House with my oldest son. Maybe that would be the end of me checking things off this list but I want to try.

5- Take my kids apple picking. Each year we do pumpkin picking and plan on the apples but it NEVER fails we never get that chance. Do you think the pumpkins have anything to do w/that?

6- Stay at a hotel for the weekend in the city. MYSELF. Just writing it sounds glorious.

7-Take a cooking class. I have learned over the past years to actually like to cook different things other then what I learned from my mom (Being Spanish staple must know hows - rice,beans,chicken)  wouldn't it be nice to make a mess and learn in another kitchen.

8- Purchase an electric mixer. In a pretty color too. Sure I have some awesome biceps for not having one but enough is enough. Can I join the cool kids?

9-Take a train out of the city for the day. I want to be able to travel on the train and see different scenery go by.

10- Throw myself a party. Doesn't have to be a birthday party just a gathering of friends and family and have fun and celebrate life.

11-Knit a pair of mittens and hat for each of my kids and Hubby. I can do the basic stitches then I get stuck. I'm pretty sure if I had checked I could have had the Guinness World record of longest scarf ever knitted but never finished.

12- Wear High Heels again. I remember the days that you couldn't tell me anything in my rocking 5  1/2 sized sexy shoes. Yes that is not an error I do wear 5 1/2. Nowadays you can see me rocking my sneakers or flats or my beloved Flip-Flops.#whathappenedtome

13- Get professionally fitted for a bra. Yeah let's do the math 4 babies + breastfeeding = HOT CHEST MESS.

14- Spend the day at the movie theaters. Hop movie to movie. I'd pay for all my tickets of course.

15- Get my make up done professionally. I have freckles and well makeup scares me. I'm just an lip gloss and  eye shadow kind of gal

16- Get paid to do what I love from home. I love blogging and photography. I love social media (hey follow me on Twitter- have to get a plug when I can right?)

17- Upgrade my camera. I currently own a Canon 50D. Right now I tremble at the thought of a Canon 7D

18- Set up a date for my little girl and I at the American Girl store for a tea party. We did it for her 4th birthday and she still talks about it. (she will turn 6 in January)

19- Spend a day at Laser Tag with my boys. Yes Mama suited up too!

20- Take the kids to the top of the Empire State building. I've been there so it's only fair.

21- Take a Kids cooking class with my children.

22- Take a Cooking class with my husband.

23- Go to a Blogher Convention.

24- Get the tattoo I've been talking about for the past 3 years. I already have have three it's just I never get around to it.

25- Go Ice Skating. Did I just write that. If you know me I have a SERIOUS phobia about ice (I had fell and broke my leg yrs. ago) but I want to because each year my kids want to do it but I'm too scared and nervous to let them (or me do it)

26- Day dream the  day away at Central Park in the Fall. I usually end up going to only one place in the park this time I want to walk through it.

27- Go to Cloud City in the Metropolitan Museum (this one I better hurry as it will only be there until November)

28- Get a full body massage. Last one I got I was expecting my youngest son who is 9 1/2 now.

29- Get my drivers permit. YES people I can NOT drive I'm from the city originally and never needed to. Public transportation is my friend but maybe its time especially with all three of my children in school. More activities means buses wouldn't cut it.

30- Become a regular contributor on a wonderful site that I love. (hint,hint)

31- Redo my blog myself. Our budget is super tight (unless I start making income enough to splurge) I am proud of myself. I already learned and applied a Grab Button and social Icons. #GoMe

32- Volunteer at the Hospital they took our little girl when she passed. I have been able to go and drop off memory boxes but that is as far as I've been able to. It's been 6 1/2 years and I want to do this not only for me but to give the love and support that was given to me back.

33-Sit and have me a nice Hot Cocoa at Serendipity in the city.

34- Go Cupcake hopping for the day. (Do you think if I cross everything off my list that the one about me keeping the 55 pounds off will be done. #ImafoodieandIknowit

35-Build a snowman in Central Park with the kids. Sure we've done that in our backyard but in Central park while I photograph my kids #awesomeness

36- Do a Church hop for a day. Go to different churches and if allowed photograph them.

37- Enjoy my husband and children as much as possible and let them know how much they are loved by me. Life is so precious and time waits on no one.

I guess I better print this out and start planning what is going first huh? How about you do you have a List of your own?




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