3o Day Get Fit Challenge

I woke up today and decided things need to change. Like for real this time. I have been half-assing (that’s totally a word right?) my get fit journey for far too long.

I have been doing too much thinking, researching, praying, baby-stepping, feeling sorry for myself, planning and not enough doing.

The thing is I have learned so much about myself spiritually from doing the Bible Study Made to Crave and I have learned so much about my self physically and mentally from my recent set-backs. You know what I learned? I am easily discouraged by having to put in hard work. In other words, I love to do the easy things but balk when things get hard.

There are all kinds of things going on right now. The gist of it is I honestly feel like I am in the middle of spiritual warfare, my body has refused to absorb Vitamin D for over a year now (I’m currently waiting for recent test results) and I am trying my damnedest not to let depression trump recent success and writing opportunities. The nitty-gritty details are not important today.

The point is there will always be excuses and/or obstacles that keep us from reaching our goals. The question is are our goals worth the effort necessary to reach our goals (assuming our goals are realistic and in accordance to God’s Will, of course).

First things first, defining our goals. My ultimate goal is to lose 25 pounds. That is not going to happen in thirty days. However creating a healthy lifestyle habit is totally doable.

The Plan:
* Complete THIS Pinterest 30-Day work-out challenge
* Fast from Alcohol and Fast Food
* Start training for Pat’s Run 
* Memorize a weekly go-to Bible verse to recite when I feel like giving up.
* Record my progress every Wednesday in a blog post.

The Purpose of this thirty-day challenge is to obtain my goal without worrying about a scale. I do very much want to lose weight but more importantly I want to create a lifestyle I could maintain long after the weight is gone.

I feel the plan is simple enough that I am not setting myself up for failure but challenging enough to feel like I have accomplished something when I am done. I encourage you to create your own 30- Day Challenge (or mimic mine) and join me. What do you say, are you in?



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