4 Great Hairstyles for Boys Hair

As a mother of two boys myself, I know sometimes styling boys hair is simply getting them to brush it! For boys who have little concern with hairstyles, or whose busy schedules make time spent on hair obsolete, it is important to choose a haircut that requires little maintenance. Here are the top trends in boys’ hairstyles:

1. The Basic Buzz

Short hair is much easier to take care of; making a buzz cut the ideal solution for non-stop, sporty boys.

“How-to”: No styling is necessary, but try adding a drop of styling cream for a fun, edgy look.

2. The Spiky Look

 A quick boys’ hairstyle, perfect for when buzz cuts start to grow out!

How-to: Work gel through hair, then spike up hair on top and smooth out the sides. This adds a little texture to the look while keeping it from looking too perfect. (Parents of future rock-stars: for my advice on little boys’ with Mohawks, read this.)

3. The Perfect Long Layered Cut with Fringe (a.k.a. “The Surfer”)

One of the most popular boys’ hairstyles asked for in the salons are long layers—think fresh-from-the-beach California surfer.


How-To: Run a quarter-sized amount of styling cream through hair in different directions to achieve a “piece-y” look. This will provide natural hold and leave hair looking perfectly styled all day. 


4. The “Mad Men” Hairstyle


This sleek and sophisticated look is perfect for special occasions, and aspiring Don Drapers! Your stylish little gentleman can be ready for Madison Ave. in just three steps:


How-To: Apply a small amount of styling cream throughout the hair to reduce frizz and to give your little mister the perfect polished look. Using a comb, create a side part and brush styling cream throughout hair for an even finish. Comb from part straight down on the shorter side. On the longer side, create the sweep by combing the hair downward slightly until you reach the middle of the forehead and begin coming upwards again placing all of the hair behind the ears.


Tools you’ll need:




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