4 Keys to a Patriots Win Against Denver

The upcoming Patriots- Broncos game will be the toughest test for this years Patriots team, it will also be a crucial factor in AFC playoff seeding. Here's what The Patriots need to do to beat the Broncos on Sunday night.

Press Coverage --- I read an article this week on how quickly Manning got the ball out against the Cheifs in last weeks game. In case you didn't know the Chiefs are one of the top pass rushing teams in the league but they didn't get to Manning once. Manning's quick release and timing with his receivers is too good to allow a free release. The Patriots corners will have to push up and battle these receivers at the line to disrupt Manning's timing and make him hold onto the ball longer.

Pressure Up The Middle --- After watching Tom Brady operate for his entire career in Foxboro, Patriot fans should know that rushing of the edge against elite quarterbacks rarely works. Elite quarterbacks will simply step up into the pocket, away from the edge pressure, and deliver and accurate pass downfield. However no quarterback in the NFL is comfortable with pressure right in his face, and that's exactly what the Patriots need to do. The Pats need to find a way to generate a good pass rush up the middle, luckily for the Patriots Peyton Manning  can't scramble like Cam Newton can.

Be Effective Deep and Outside --- Every team in the NFL knows that Tom Brady can tear up a defense over the middle with Gronk and slot receivers so the Broncos will likely clog the middle of the field. The Broncos secondary leaves a lot to be desired and the Patriots need to look for Dobson and Thompkins on the outside and over the top of the defense when the coverage allows it., looking for chunk yardage more often then usual.

Run off the pass --- As bad as the Broncos are in pass coverage they are very good at stopping the run, ranking in the top portion in the league. The Patriots need to establish the Passing game first and then run when the defense is on it's heels. The Patriots need to use Ridley and Vereen on draw plays and shotgun runs to take advantage of a pass rush that will be attempting to get to Brady.


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