4 Kids Show Theme Songs That I Secretly Rock Out To

They can be the bane of your existence when they won’t stop running through your head.  They can drive you mad because you can’t understand how they are rhyming ‘alarm’ with ‘calm’ and making it work.  They can be a study in memorization when your child asks you to sing them over and over and doesn’t accept mistakes.  THEY are the theme songs to our favorite (and least favorite) kids shows.

Anyone who allows their kids to watch tv has secretly enjoyed a theme song or 2 by now.  If your kids are not allowed to watch tv, you are not my people.  Stop reading now, safe in the knowledge that your kids will be smarter and have better attention spans than mine.  Some themes are so freakin’ catchy that I am waiting for Taylor Swift to remake them and go dodecahedron platinum on her next album.   I would totally buy Swifty covering Sprout, Nick and Disney themes!  That would be AWESOME.  Wow, I’m actually kind of depressed that this isn’t happening…

Anyway, because there are so many mega annoying kids show theme songs out there, I thought I would celebrate some of my favorites and see if anyone could back me up – c’mon moms, you know you love them too…

Catchiest Theme Song - Caillou Theme – Okay, this might be controversial given the extreme hatred some of you have for our whiny little bald friend Caillou, but you have to admit that the show has one catchy-as-heck theme song.  This is one I happened to study at length and learn in its entirety because I was annoyed every time I’d sing under my breath and only remember “I’m just a huh huh huh, hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm, ha ha ha ha ha, Caaaaaiiiiiilou”.    After my son had palate surgery as a baby I sang this to him and it was the only thing that would calm him down and get him to sleep.  I put all sorts of twist on that song singing it over and over and over. and I was glad I had learned the entire thing.  If Randy Newman wrote this for a Toy Story, it would have won an Oscar, no question.

Best Hero Theme – Fireman Sam – If you have not seen this show, you are missing out.  If you can get past the children’s voices, which sound like nails on a welsh chalkboard, and if you can accept that an entire town with its own fire station has only 15 inhabitants, the stories are fun and cute with a little humor that only grown ups will appreciate thrown in here and there.  There was a period of time when I would get more excited when we had a new F.S. on the DVR than my kids would, and I’m not ashamed.  Part of the appeal is the awesome theme song, which sings the praises of our hero Sam.

Best Song To Sing Using Your Best (or worst) British Accent - Thomas & Friends Theme – This little ditty is great for showing off your cockney dialect (also know as your best Madonna impression).  I don’t need to know what a tidmouth shed is or what shunting is to enjoy this song, (well maybe I did google those immediately the first time I heard this song), I love this song and as Thomas fans know, they help you out by throwing the words onto the bottom of the screen for those of us who confuse our cheeky trains with those that toots and huffs and puffs.

Best Instrumental Theme – Octonauts – This might be the only kids show I could do at least a 3 hour marathon of.  Mammals (mostly) working in an underwater Octopod station and rescuing sea creatures.  It doesn’t get much better in the way of kids programming.  The theme is very suspenseful and fast paced and you can sing it simply by saying ‘duh duh duh duh duh duh” along to the tune.  I play this in my head when I am in a rush for something and it is quite useful to bet my bum in gear.

There you have it.  For every good kids show theme song, there is an annoying one — yeah, I’m talking to you Dora, Sid the Science Kid and Barney — but these little tunes help make my world of cartoons on in the background a bit more palatable.


Susan Maccarelli

Blogger: Pecked To Death By Chickens