4 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Kidpreneurs

It’s pretty hard to go about your day without encountering a kidpreneur out and about, putting their newly discovered business savvy into action. Maybe it’s a group of kids sponsoring car washes on Saturday to help fund a soccer trip or your coworker’s daughter visiting the office to sell some candy bars for a fundraiser.

For me, it’s having a budding blogger in the house – my son Ben has recently taken up blogging and is excited to share his thoughts with the world. Like most kidpreneurs, he’s getting started right away and I love seeing, and sharing in, his excitement. It’s never too late or too early to get bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, but no matter how old you are, there are a handful of great lessons we can all learn from having kidpreneurs in our lives.

1) Simplicity is key.

Complicating matters and writing out extensive pro/con lists are not in a kidpreneur’s nature. While details do matter, so does keeping everything straightforward and understandable. Everyone who runs a small business needs to be able to explain the kind of business they run in simple terms. Kidpreneurs have this (as well as their elevator pitches) on lockdown.

2) There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes.

One great thing about starting up a business when you’re young is that you can make mistakes and learn from them early on. It’s not the end of the world when it happens either – you fall off the horse and get right back on and keep riding.

3) You never “stop” being creative.

Quite frequently, I notice adults taking painting or cooking classes to help them “learn to become more creative.” It’s not to say they weren’t creative to begin with – we are all born with some sort of creative spark within us from the start. Time and circumstance has a way of pushing some of that imaginative flair to the side, but kidpreneurs remind us that it doesn’t have to be that way. Nobody ever needs to learn how to be original – we’re already pretty innovative in our light!

4) Enthusiasm and lots of it!

Perhaps the strongest characteristic that any kidpreneur has is their zest for making big dreams into bigger realities. And while it can be easy for adults to look at the “go big or go home” mentality as something they’re scared they may never achieve, it’s time to leave those fears at the door and think positively about what’s to come for you and your business. Remember – if you dream it, plan it, and work hard at it, you can achieve it!