4 Patriot Keys to Victory in Denver

The New England Patriots are in for  tough fight tomorrow in Denver. As tough of a game as it will be the Patriots can dominant in the 4 areas I'm calling their " 4 patriot keys to victory" they should see themselves into another Superbowl appearance.

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Run At The Edge of the O-Line -- The begin my Patriot keys to victory we have the Patriots ground and pound run game. The Patriots really could use a solid effort from their run game against the Broncos, but they won't be able to run straight up the middle like the Colts game.  The reason they cant run up the middle is because of Terrence Knighton, Knighton is the anchor for this Denver run defense and can blow up run plays. The Patriots will need to run behind the Tackles and Tight ends in order to neutralize Knighton's ability to stop the run and also to get Blount and Ridley running at some of the thinner Denver linebackers and defensive ends.

Disregard Denver's Run Game --- Yes Knowshon Moreno ran for 200+ yards the last time the Patriots played the Broncos, but Peyton manning was held to 150 yards passing. Against the Broncos I would rather have the ball in Moreno's hands then Manning's any day. Every time Manning hands it off it is a win for the Patriot defense.

Full Patriots - Broncos Preview

Leave 2 High Safeties --- Despite Manning's willingness to hand the Ball off to Moreno last time we saw the Broncos he will not put the fate of the season in Moreno's hands, Manning undoubtedly will attempt to throw more than last time. With Manning attempting to complete passes to his elite receiving core the Patriots will need to leave two safeties over the top to avoid letting up any big plays. If they can stop the big play and make Manning throw 40 passes underneath they can keep the score down.

Challenge The Broncos Secondary - - All I have heard about this week is how great Manning's receivers are, but people neglect to point out how bad the Broncos secondary is. Even before the loss of their top corner Chris Harris the Broncos defense had trouble stopping the pass, so even with Brady's lack of explosive wide outs he should still be able to carve up an extremely weak secondary.

Is it time to trade gronk???

Those are my 4 Patriot keys to victory, do you agree, or are their other areas the Patriots need to focus on?

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