4 Reasons To Eat Kiwano Melon

Kiwano (horned melon)

Each week I purchase a fruit and vegetable that I haven’t ever tried. It expands my horizons & keeps things fun & spicy in the kitchen. This week is Kiwano Melon, otherwise known as Horned Melon. Zack & I decided to name it Horny Melon because…well, we can. Horned Melon is originally from Southwestern Africa. It reminds me of a fruit that a rock star should eat or something that aliens would have for a snack. It has a grassy smell to it, reminds me of a kiwi/cucumber & it tastes like a banana if you allow it to ripen correctly. So why am I eating it? Here are the top 4 reasons.


  • A kiwano offers 1 mg of zinc, or 7 % of the 15 mg required every day. It aids in the development of protein, repairs wounds & also produces blood cells. It is also essential for normal carbohydrate metabolism. Because all our metabolisms could use a swift kick in the ass here & there.
  • Stops premature aging. Hi, do I need to say anything else? One Kiwano offers 11 mg of vitamin C, or 18 % of the FDA suggested Daily Value of 60 mg. Vitamin C is essential for the generation of collagen. Ditch the botox & consume some horny melon.
  • It contains antioxidants out the wah-zoo. A-tocopherol as well as y-tocopherol which are organic types of vitamin E. This helps with healthy skin, heart, muscles, nerves, & red blood cells. Vitamin E likewise helps counteract harmful free-radicals that can induce long-term illnesses just like heart problems as well as cancer. Do you live in Utah where we experience some gnarly inversions? This is your fruit my friend.
  • Contains: Carotenoid, beta carotene (popularly known as vitamin A). Repairs DNA, strengthens the body’s defense mechanisms & sustains eye & skin health.

Zack, one of my best friends in the entire world, is such a trooper. I force him to eat all of my recipes & weird fruit/vegetables that I discover. He never says no, but he does act a little bit dramatic about it here & there. I let it slide because I love him.

Z&B eating kiwano

Are you sold? Okay, this is how you eat this bad boy:

Find one that is ripe, or allow it to sit on your counter until it is. You’ll know when it’s ready when it has an orange rind as well as spikes. Cut the fruit in two crosswise. Set the one half aside. Either squeeze it into a cup or bowl. The little slimy seeds (I know, I know, don’t freak out..) will fall into your bowl. I used a spoon to get the stubborn ones out. I literally put ours in a cup and drank it down. Odd texture but no complaints. I’ll eat anything if I know that it’s giving my body the nutrients it needs.

Chew or even suck on the sac of fruit & then swallow it. There, you’re done.  You can add this to yogurt with a bit of agave, fruit salads, drink it in a cup, or create a minty blowfish cocktail with it (to find a great recipe go here)

 At room temperature or in the fridge: 10 days.

Kiwano in a cup

I plan on making some kind of nutritious delicious recipe with this fruit soon. My goal is to mask the freaky parts about it so that the average person can reap the benefits of it instead of strictly die-hard’s. In the mean time, try it out. Let me know what you think. Impress your friends or gross them out. Because life’s too short to stick to apples & bananas babe.  | follow me on Instagram to see all of the other weird shit I eat |

I’ll be posting my experience with a week of no makeup to help my skin transition into a new season. Keep your eye out for it this weekend.

All my love,