4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Employees Out to Lunch

Maybe it’s because I’m writing this post close to lunchtime, but lately I’ve been thinking about the power of a good meal. Whether it’s made from scratch or a lunch date out at a restaurant, a delicious meal is seldom something we savor alone – good company only enhances the experience of dining together. And for the most part, we all like to eat together with someone else. The only time eating alone is a bit more preferred is in the workplace. There’s already a limited time span in which to have lunch and employees all rotate their eating schedules, making it hard to eat with a coworker. As far as eating with the boss goes… well, some employees would prefer to avoid that at all costs. But having lunch one on one with the higher up shouldn’t be something to fear! As a CEO who loves to treat her team to lunches out, here are a few reasons why bosses should take their employees out for an afternoon bite.

1) Great icebreaker for new team members.

If you just hired a few new employees, chances are that they’re still learning the ropes of the workplace and adjusting to their settings. It’s always a good thing to make them feel welcomed by offering to take them out for a coffee break or a lunch out so you can get to know a little more about them and their personality.

2) Its a lot more relaxed.

My biggest recommendation is to skip heading to a restaurant with lots of stiff formalities and dine out at a casual eatery. The environment that you eat in may very well be a reflection of what kind of conversation you’ll have while there and in a more uptight setting, it can be difficult to let your guard down and loosen up.

3) Builds up loyalty.

The secret that a CEO will never tell you? We don’t actually want to be the Miranda Priestley of the workplace, feared and tiptoed around by everyone. Bosses do want to be liked by their team members and establish a great rapport which going out for a meal together whether one on one or with an entire department helps to do. With the more shared meals or coffee outings you share with your team, the more trust begins to build up as well as warming up to genuinely liking your higher-up in charge.

4) Its a nice change of scenery.

Hold in a meeting inside a slightly darkened office as is custom to do every week or go out for lunch and hold an impromptu meeting during the meal? Decisions, decisions... but I think everyone would gladly opt for the latter to head out, stretch their legs and get a nice change of pace added to their day!


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